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Your auto insurance should cover damage from a collision - but be aware your car insurer may have rules regarding which repair shop you can use, or whether your policy covers new parts. Learn more here. 

  • Federal bill fuels debate over car parts

    Would legislation promoting increased access to aftermarket auto parts help consumers?

    The Promoting Automotive Repair, Trade and Sales (PARTS) Act proposes to reduce car manufacturers’ design … more

  • Run over a stop sign? Get ready to pay up


    One of the most important reasons motorists buy auto insurance is to cover the cost of damage to other vehicles in a crash. But what happens when that damage also includes … more

  • If a borrowed car is wrecked, who pays?

    Next time you let a friend borrow your car, keep in mind that it could end up being a much bigger favor than you intended.

    Roughly 6 million auto accidents happen every year in the United States. … more

  • How to Deal With Flood Damage to Your Car

    For anyone whose car is damaged by floodwaters, it’s crucial to know that the damage is covered only if your auto insurance policy includes comprehensive coverage.

    Nearly every state … more

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