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Older Drivers

With age comes experience and wisdom… and lower auto insurance rates. Statistically, senior drivers are safer on the road than their younger counterparts. Arm yourself with information to get the most competitive rates available.

  • How to stop an old driver from driving

    With age comes wisdom. But in some cases, age also brings with it a decline in physical or mental health that can make driving difficult and unsafe. The last thing many seniors want to do is give up … more

  • 3 major ways that aging affects your driving

    White-haired drivers who can't see over the steering wheel provide fodder for late-night comics, but it's no laughing matter. Vision and hearing changes, slower reflexes and other changes associated … more

  • When are you too old to drive?

    In August 2012, a 100-year-old man named Preston Carter backed his Cadillac onto a crowded Los Angeles sidewalk, hitting 11 people, including four children who were severely injured. And while no one … more

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