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Use an Auto Insurance Calculator to Take the Guesswork out of Shopping

Shopping for car insurance can be stressful. But having an auto insurance estimate calculator can help take some of that uncertainty out of the process if you are hoping to compare different areas of your life and how they effect your auto insurance.

One car insurance calculator lets you know how much of a rate increase you might be facing if you have to file a claim against your insurance. The car insurance estimator will calculate whether you would be better off filing a claim against your insurance or just paying for the claim out of pocket.

Say, for example, if you pay $2,000 per year for insurance, it only makes sense to make a claim if the damage exceeds $2,700. Otherwise the auto insurance calculator shows you might be looking at a 37% increase in your rates over the next three years.  

Use this information to make an informed decision about whether you should make that claim or just suck it up and pay out of pocket.

Another handy car insurance cost calculator points out how much more in premiums you are facing if you get slapped with a traffic ticket.

That car insurance cost estimator shows that if you are caught speeding 14 mph over the speed limit in Colorado, you could be facing a 19% increase in your rates, while that same ticket in Arizona means you will be shelling out 23% more per year.

Use this car insurance calculator to help motivate you to drive with a soft accelerator and to obey the laws of the land.

One surprising thing our car insurance payment calculator can point out include that the month of the year can actually effect the price you pay. So, it is good to know that there are some months that you can see your rate go up, and some where it comes back to earth.

One car insurance estimate calculator we offer allows you to compare ZIP codes. That one shows that if you moved from Manhattan, New York to suburban Houston, you could be looking at a 32% annual savings on your insurance.

And if you want to see that on an interactive map, we offer that tool too.  

These auto insurance calculators come in handy if you are considering relocating and want to get a complete picture of the costs you might be facing after your move.

Before you get started using a car insurance calculator, make sure you know some simple details about your current policy.

Some of the helpful details the car insurance cost calculators take into consideration include:

  • Your current premium
  • Your current deductible
  • Your current address and the ZIP code of the other place you want to compare
  • Your current vehicle’s make and model
  • The month of the year you are looking to shop
  • Any details that might effect your rate, such as which traffic citation you want to research
  • Any details that might change your rate, such as any recent claims you are considering filing

Rely on our insurance estimate car tools to take some of the guess work out of your next insurance shopping experience.

Get Free Auto Insurance Quotes

Get Free Auto Insurance Quotes