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Personal Belongings

Your home insurance policy covers your personal property, but what about items that are irreplaceable – either because of the price tag or the sentimental value? You can purchase extra coverage for your special personal belongings. Check out our content and get advice on how to do it.

  • Top 4 Insurance Mobile Apps

    Mobile technology has taken a foothold in the insurance market, and for insurers, that means developing apps customers can use on the go.

    According to a recent Ernst & Young study, 80 … more

  • Does owning a gun raise home insurance rates?

    A homeowner without an alarm system may pay more for home insurance because his house has a higher risk of being burglarized. So, does a gun owner pay more for home insurance because a gun raises the … more

  • Should I file a claim for my missing laptop?

    Hundreds of thousands of laptop computers are lost or stolen each year in the United States, and only about 5 percent of them are recovered. Airports are a particularly common "Twilight Zone" for … more

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