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  • Close Calls From the Cosmos

    A gigantic asteroid is threatening to collide with Earth as a crack team of scientists from around the world scrambles to blow it out of the sky and save humanity before time runs out. This is the … more

  • Would You Risk It?

    More than 1 out of every 5 Americans will get a speeding ticket this year with the average cost of that ticket coming at at more than $150.

    That’s more than 100,000 tickets every day … more

  • The Price of Health Care

    Americans often underestimate the cost of health care. They also overestimate the price of some common health care procedures. Do Americans truly understand how much U.S. health care costs, and why … more

  • Medical Myths

    Do carrots really improve your eyesight? Can people with darker-colored skin still get a sunburn? How much of our brain do we actually use? And can a woman get pregnant while she’s … more

  • The Great Health and Wealth Divide

    At the end of 2015, close to 29 million working-aged Americans lived without health insurance.

    While the Affordable Care Act has reduced the percentage of uninsured Americans, nearly 12 percent of … more

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