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Shopping Insurance

Can shopping around really save you money on insurance? Experts recommend that consumers compare insurance quotes annually to find the best deal. Find out more tips on shopping for insurance here.

  • The Complete Spring Insurance Guide 2021

    After a year of being stuck at home, spring-cleaning for 2021 promises to be especially gratifying. But while you are clearing out cobwebs and dusting off ceiling fans, remember to look at your … more

  • 10 Hidden Credit Card Insurance Benefits

    Credit cards don't just provide access to borrowed money. Many also come with other benefits including insurance products that can help you out in a pinch.

    Before you spend money on a supplemental … more

  • How do health insurance marketplaces work?

    Will shopping through a health insurance exchange be as simple as buying a book on, a plane ticket on or a pair of shoes at No one knows for sure, but there are … more

  • Does your pet need pet health insurance?

    If your pet was injured in an accident or suffered a fracture, could you pay for the surgery -- a cost that can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars? Having a pet health insurance … more

  • What everyone should know about insurance

    When it comes to insurance, it’s vital for consumers to be equipped with the tools to make informed choices. As executive director of the Insurance Information Network of California (IINC), … more

  • What is an independent insurance agent?

    It's no secret that independent insurance agents -- who sell auto, home and other types of coverage from more than one insurer -- earn their keep through a commission each time a customer signs up … more

  • Why your insurance agent may not be on Facebook

    Is your insurance agent your Facebook friend? Most likely not. According to a survey by insurance data technology provider IVANS Inc., less than half of the 120 insurance agents questioned flock to … more

  • How to shop for insurance quotes

    If you’ve ever done comparison shopping for an insurance policy, you’ve likely been offered competing insurance quotes – estimates of what each insurer would charge for a premium. … more

  • Auto insurance and uninsured motorists

    Uninsured drivers are a danger in more ways than one. A motorist without auto insurance can wreck your car as you're heading home from work -- and can wreck your bank account as well.

    Unfortunately, … more

  • 3 home insurance tips for first-time buyers

    When you start thinking about buying your first home, set aside some time to figure out how much insurance you will be able to afford. Many prospective home buyers don’t include insurance costs, … more

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