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Insurance Tips

Insurance can be complicated. Whether you’re looking for the cheapest deal, or don’t know which insurance discounts you qualify for,’s useful tips will help. We help you shop for and compare the best insurance policies for you and your family.

  • New frontier for insurance: Space travel

    Space may not be the final frontier, but it’s almost certainly the next one. In the wake of the shutdown of NASA's space shuttle program, the field is wide open for citizen space travel -- both … more

  • Why your insurance agent may not be on Facebook

    Is your insurance agent your Facebook friend? Most likely not. According to a survey by insurance data technology provider IVANS Inc., less than half of the 120 insurance agents questioned flock to … more

  • Is an extended warranty really worth it?

    If you buy a tablet, a laptop or another electronic gift as a holiday gift, you'll more than likely face the dreaded extended-warranty pitch. You'll be asked whether you want to plunk down … more

  • Four features that drive women's car choices

    Car manufacturers market heavily to men, but the truth is, women are the primary influencers when it comes to buying a new car. A study by automotive industry analyst Polk found that 39 percent of … more

  • Is medical tourism worth the cost savings?

    If you need a hip replacement and your health insurance provider refuses to cover the cost, you’re looking at some hefty medical bills. At Catholic Medical Hospital in Manchester, N.H., the … more

  • How to shop for insurance quotes

    If you’ve ever done comparison shopping for an insurance policy, you’ve likely been offered competing insurance quotes – estimates of what each insurer would charge for a premium. … more

  • Why car thieves love the 1994 Honda Accord

    When it comes to auto theft, owners of the 1994 Honda Accord just can’t seem to catch a break.For the third year in a row, the car tops the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s list of the 10 … more

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