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Tuesday, September 3, 2013 5:49:31 PM

Can I get dental insurance through the Obamacare health insurance exchanges?

Dental insurance will be offered through some plans in the heath insurance exchanges, but it's treated differently for children and adults.

Dental coverage is considered an essential or required benefit for children up to age 18 and must be offered. But this isn't the case for adults; insurers don't have to include dental insurance in any plans for adults offered through the exchanges. 

However, adults can purchase dental insurance as part of a health plan in the exchanges--or by itself as a separate stand-alone plan. You can opt for a separate dental policy if the health plan you purchase either doesn't include dental coverage, or you preferer a different dental policy.

If a health plan includes dental benefits the premium will cover everything. Or you could pay a separate, additional premium for a stand-alone dental policy.