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Car accidents are the leading cause of serious injury and death for young drivers. But Toyota is a car company that committed to helping teens stay safe behind the wheel. They have a campaign called TeenDrive365 where you can take a pledge TO BE the driver that you want your teen to be. You may not realize that YOU influence your teen’s driving habits more than anyone else. Distracted driving is a problem for all ages, and your teen is watching and learning from you. A distracted parent equals a distracted teen. Teen Drive 365 allowed us to jump in their distracted driving simulator, powered by oculus rift. We got a real-world experience that shows what it’s like dealing with dangerous distractions like back seat drivers and texting while driving—and as you can imagine, the results weren’t pretty. Both parents and teens see firsthand how distractions can change your life in seconds. You get a surreal look into the consequences of taking your eyes off the road. The key takeaway is that distracted driving is serious and parents can lead by example. Remember that your teen’s safety starts with you. Check out the TeenDrive365 Program and take the pledge at

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