Homeowners insurance 101

In our homeowners insurance 101 video, learn about the basics of a home insurance policy.

A standard home insurance policy includes 4 main types of coverage.  

Coverage 1: The structure of your home.

You receive a payout to repair covered damages—like those from a fire, storm, or burst pipe. You can even make a claim for damage caused by falling objects like a tree.

Coverage 2:  Your personal property.

Home insurance protects your personal possessions—like clothes, furniture, or jewelry—if they get stolen or damaged during a covered event, like a wind storm or roof leak.

Coverage 3: Your liability. 

In addition to covering your home and belongings, home insurance protects you from lawsuits. Someone could get hurt on your property or bitten by your dog.

Coverage 4: Additional living expenses. 

Additional living expenses for a hotel stay and meals can save the day you if have to leave your home while repairs are being made.  Some home insurance policies put a cap on the amount of coverage you can get. For instance, there may be a dollar limit on items like cash, jewelry, silverware, and firearms. So be sure to know these limits or restrictions before you need to make a claim.

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