Top 5 Auto Insurance Discounts

Here are 5 auto insurance discounts you should know about.

Discount 1: Safety features.

The car you drive plays a big role in what you'll pay for insurance. It's more expensive to insure a sports car than a minivan. Plus, having modern safety features like antilock brakes and airbags will cut your car insurance costs.

Discount 2: A clean driving record.

Even a speeding ticket can increase rates 30 percent on average nationwide. Insurers charge riskier drivers higher premiums, so having fewer tickets and accidents means you'll pay less.

Discount 3: Good credit. 

Did you know that your credit history not only influences how much interest you pay for loans and credit cards—but the rates you're quoted for auto and home insurance in most states?
Drivers with poor credit pay an average of 91 percent more than drivers with excellent credit.

Discount 4. Being married.

Some insurance companies consider married couples a lower risk and reduce your rates.

Discount 5: Bundling policies.

If you have a car and home policy with the same insurance company, that's called a multi-line policy. Some carriers offer as much as a 40 percent discount for simply providing you with combined coverage.

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