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  • Dangers of DUI (Video)

    Dangers of DUI (Video)

    You probably know that driving a vehicle while you’re impaired by the effects of alcohol or drugs—even prescription drugs—is against the law. In some states it’s known as DUI, … more

  • Real 2014 Tornado Footage, Best Disaster Tips

    Real 2014 Tornado Footage, Best Disaster Tips

    In May 2013, a category EF5 tornado raced through the small town of Moore, Oklahoma, killing 24 people, injuring nearly 400 more and destroying $2 billion in property. Tragically, this is not an … more

  • Cars of the Future

    Cars of the Future

    What will the Car of the Future be like? Self-driving cars (fully autonomous vehicles, also known as driverless cars), already sound like something out of a science fiction movie.

    But thanks to … more

  • Tips for totaled cars

    Tips for totaled cars

    Trying to figure out if your car is totaled? Watch this video for tips on how to deal with your car wreck. more

  • Tips for Parking Lot Accidents

    Tips for Parking Lot Accidents

    Did you know that about one-fifth of all car accidents happen in parking lots? Have you been in a parking lot car accident?

    While these car accidents typically don't usually result in serious damage, … more

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