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Why Add the Best Roadside Assistance Plans to Your Car Insurance

Questions to Consider on Adding Roadside Assistance to Your Auto Insurance

Ever been at the end of a long trip, pulled your car up into your drive and thanked your lucky stars that there were no hiccups along the way? Delighted to be back home, safe and sound.

Well of course, we can never predict if or when we might need roadside assistance for any type of mechanical problems (major or minor) ranging from a flat tire, dead battery to any other  “hiccups” that can cause major inconvenience and ruin your day or travels. Having the right roadside assistance plans can take the stress out of unpredictable problems that can arise with your vehicle. 

What Are the Benefits of Roadside Assistance?

If the idea of being left stranded on the side of a road when your car breaks down and not knowing who to call for help, doesn’t sound like your idea of fun then maybe it’s time to start planning (or rethinking) your road assistance needs. Knowing that that tow truck, jumpstart or repair bills are covered by your roadside assistance plan takes the sting out of finding yourself stranded because your car decided to call it a day!

In what is always a stressful situation the convenience of being able to lift the phone and know that help is on the other side is unquantifiable. It can be a scary place if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, maybe late in the evening, feeling isolated and a little vulnerable.  Knowing that the younger, less experienced drivers in your family are protected in what can be an upsetting and stressful experience will most definitely be a relief!

If your car should ever break-down, you’re going to want to have the best roadside assistance plans on offer. Emergency roadside assistance is offered on nearly every driver’s auto insurance policy. Immediately following on from your phone call to your emergency roadside service provider, depending on your location at the time of the breakdown, a service professional will be sent to you and will carry out minor mechanical repairs in order to make your car drivable again.  

If, for any reason, the mechanic is unable to get the car started again there are a number of other services that you can avail of to help you in such an emergency, which includes towing services which may be necessary if your car is dead and not willing to cooperate! 

Feedback from our customers says that the most valuable benefit of road assistance is the absolute convenience (along with a potentially large saving of money!) of having help on the other side of a phone call. Being safe in the knowledge that you have the best roadside assistance available, the peace of mind, especially when traveling a lot of miles, is priceless.

If you value these things you really should consider adding some kind of roadside assistance product to your already existing car insurance policy.

What Are the Most Common Services Provided by Roadside Assistance Plans?

  • Roadside assistance 24/7  – Towing services – without mileage or dollar limits, meaning you will be brought to the nearest repair station.
  • Battery jumpstart– does as it says on the tin – your car will be jump started by a service provider and if that doesn’t work, they will tow it to the nearest repair station.
  • Lockout Service – in what can be a stressful and frustrating situation, a trained technician will be on hand to resolve your lockout dilemma meaning you can access your car and get on with your travels. 
  • Gas Delivery – distraction or not focusing on the gas indicator can very often (more than you would believe) leave drivers stuck with one of the most infuriating break-down problems ever – you’ve run out of gas, it’s not a problem if you have coverage they will deliver fuel to your vehicle and get you moving again!
  •  Extrication or winching service – if your car is, for whatever reason, stuck or constrained in an area in which it is impossible to free it up – the winching road service will come to your rescue and a professional team, with appropriate truck and equipment will get you out in no time. 
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Get Roadside Assistance Before the End of the Road

If you’re shopping around looking for car insurance and looking for the best roadside assistance companies, we guarantee you the best tips  and service you will find anywhere on the net. are the leaders in providing support, advice and personal plans within the insurance industry.  

When it comes to decisions about add-on insurance policies, such as traveler’s roadside assistance or emergency road service assistance many people have doubts as to the benefits of paying extra for what seems like low-risk situations.  We offer good tips based on your personal situation – we will help you weigh up the benefits and find the right plan for you that is within your economical means.   

It is important to give specific information before assessing which plan suits you best and our user-friendly website will need some of this information when you request a quote. 

Some things that you should think about before planning  which options are best for you: you might want to consider how old, or new, your vehicle is (is it nearing the end of its road?),  what your commuting miles are a day – if your daily commute involves long distances or if you tend to remain local with your vehicle our advice will be invaluable to you. 

Costs of coverage, and costs of not having coverage need to be assessed.    If you don’t have cover, the potential out-of-pocket service fees can be staggeringly high – calculate a few emergency roadside service situations and you could find yourself running up a big bill.  But don’t worry, these are all issues that we, at, deal with on a daily and hourly basis. We deal professionally and personally with each client’s situation and can expertly guide you to the best solution for you.

At we are very aware that many customers today shop online even for insurance quotes, that is why our website has a very easy procedure when it comes to requesting quotes and in a matter of minutes, you will have completed all the required information and will be on your way to having the best quote available.   Make sure you fill in the information accurately because the information you provide will directly impact the premium you will pay. 

In a few quick steps you will be asked: 

  • age of your vehicle, make and model
  • drivers – your name and other drivers – along with date of birth and some other basic personal information including occupation and credit rating
  • name of current insurance provider and for how long
  • address/ telephone and email address

Once these details have been entered you will be given a breakdown of different quotes available and comparisons between various policies. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Roadside Assistance

What is an insurance deductible?

Confusing terminology is one of the biggest complaints we hear from our customers – but one term that every insurance shopper should learn is “deductible.  What exactly does it mean? Well, a deductible is the amount you, the insured, has to pay out of his own pocket, before the insurance company begins paying.  

What is an insurance premium?

This is a payment you make to the insurance company to pay for your insurance.  Usually paid in regular installments, such as monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.  No refund is given for premiums if a claim isn’t made. Insurance premiums change for many reasons including the number of claims you make, your driving history etc.  

For a one-stop quote is the best choice.  For professional and expert tips on how best to decide on which car insurance quotes and add-on insurance is best for your policy, like roadside assistance plans, give us a call or log onto our website. We won’t let you down.

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