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How to Compare Auto Insurance Quotes

Here is a quick breakdown of the information you’ll want to have handy in order to start comparing your personalized auto insurance quotes online from a large list of insurance providers: 

The online auto insurance quotes you receive and the overall rates you pay are going to depend on a few factors as well as the amount of car insurance coverage and type you are seeking. The main factors that will go into determining the different price quotes on your auto rates include your age, driving records and history, vehicle’s make and model, overall credit history, and the accident risks associated with the city you live in or areas you will frequently be driving through. Comparing multiple auto insurance companies and quotes allows you to find the best price and amount of coverage. Auto insurance companies know that they can build a lifetime customer with competitive auto rates that offer comprehensive coverage. The more insurance quotes you compare, the more likely it is you will get the best auto insurance rates for your particular policy needs.

If you want to compare auto insurance quotes, we provide an easy to use online tool that can compare multiple local and national car insurance companies in a one stop shop. We can help save you time and money on auto insurance by making sure you have the right coverage to fit your needs – no matter the type of driver you are. InsuranceQuotes make the process of comparing auto insurance quotes online simple, fast and secure, so you get the best possible deal. You can get started by simply entering your zip code into the form above and answering a few easy questions. Your new auto insurance quotes can be delivered to your email or you can speak directly to one of our expert auto insurance live advisors on a phone call depending on your preference.

Comparing Auto Insurance Rates You Receive

If you’re currently insured and comparing auto insurance policies, you’ll want to make certain that you’re looking at the same, or similar auto coverage limits and deductibles for each price quote. Make sure to get multiple car insurance quotes so you know you have the best protection for your individual needs.

You’ll want to make sure you are comparing these particular individual characteristics of your received auto policy quote in order to make sure you’re making the best choice when getting a new auto policy. Make sure all of these factors are the same when comparing different auto insurance price rates:

1. Comparing the same auto policy type:

2. Determine the correct policy limit needed:

3. Choosing a similar insurance deductible:

4. Inquire about potential auto insurance discounts:

What are the Different Types of Auto Insurance Coverage?

There are 3 main different types of auto insurance coverage that all major car insurance providers will offer including collision, comprehensive, and liability auto insurance. See below for information on each of these as well as a few other types of auto insurance coverages you may be interested in. 

1. Collision Auto Insurance Coverage:

Collision auto insurance is an auto policy coverage type that will help pay for the repairs or replacement of your vehicle should it become damaged due to an accident involving another vehicle or object. It also can cover instances of damage from a single car accident such as a rollover. If you are paying for your vehicle through a loan or lender this type of auto coverage is usually always required. If you own your vehicle outright, this can be added to your current policy but isn’t always needed. For example if your vehicle was damaged, but it’s current value to replace or repair would not be a financial burden – you may opt out of this particular coverage type. However, most drivers prefer the peace of mind that collision auto insurance provides. 

2. Comprehensive Auto Insurance Coverage:

Comprehensive auto insurance will cover any damage to your vehicle caused by something other than an accident. Some examples of instances covered by a comprehensive auto insurance type could be payment for the damages caused by weather (wind, hail, floods), fire damage, theft of your vehicle, vandalism, falling object damage, and things like hitting an animal while driving. 

3. Liability Auto Insurance Coverage

Liability auto insurance will cover the expenses of injury, death, or property damage to other drivers when you are in a collision that you are the main party at fault. The two sub-categories of a liability only auto policy are bodily injury liability and property damage liability payment.

4. Medical Payments Coverage: 

While medical payment coverage is required in some states, it is an optional auto policy option in others. Medical payments auto coverage is useful for when you, passengers, and or family members who were driving the vehicle were injured in an accident that resulted in medical bill costs such as surgery, x-rays, and the hospital visits involved.

5. Personal Injury Protection Coverage:

PIP or personal injury protection coverage is available to drivers in certain states. PIP auto coverage is much like the medical payments coverage mentioned above. However, this type of auto coverage can go a step further in helping you pay for additional costs that were directly associated to your accident such as lost job income or resulting child care expenses.

6. Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage: 

Uninsured & underinsured motorist auto insurance will help cover your medical expenses if you are involved in an accident with a driver who does not have insurance on their vehicle or may leave the scene of the accident. You may also be covered to help pay for some of the costs of repairs on your vehicle in this situation. Another example where this policy type could be useful is if the driver is underinsured and it won’t cover any medical bills you may receive due to the accident. 

Is Car Insurance Required?

Having car insurance is required by law in most of the 50 states. How much auto insurance coverage you will need will depend on what is legally required by your state. Technically, you could purchase a new or used vehicle without auto insurance. However, to legally drive it home you will need some sort of insurance coverage – for the most part any quality car dealership will require you to have proof of car insurance on the vehicle before allowing you to leave their lot. If you are getting a loan through a financial institution, they will also have particular auto insurance requirements in order to help you purchase your new or used vehicle. Once you know the make and model of your vehicle – you should start shopping around for auto insurance so that you are covered once a vehicle purchase decision has been made. Auto insurance rates by state can vary based on quite a few factors, so the sooner you can do your research on car insurance costs the more prepared you will be. 

Top 3 Factors that Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

Insurance rates will vary by company, but three main factors generally determine how much you will pay for your auto insurance including your car’s make and model, where you currently live, and your past driving record.

What Car Insurance Discounts are Available?

How long has it been since you last shopped for car insurance protection? If it’s been over a year, you could be saving more money on car insurance than you realize. Here are a few of the most common car insurance discounts that may be available to you as you compare new auto insurance policies:

While searching for auto insurance quote comparisons, we will provide you with great tips to get lower rates or better coverage. And who doesn’t like to save money without being subject to endless hassles? Our fast, free car insurance quotes make it simple to find the best deals. We also offer free quotes on motorcycle insurance as well.

Get a quick, personalized auto insurance quote today, and compare insurance rates from some of the leading national and local insurance providers such as Progressive, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, State Farm, and other top insurance companies across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost a Month?

On average a standard car insurance policy will cost around $1,525 annually or around $127 a month. The cost of car insurance will be calculated differently from a few determining factors. You may also qualify for discounts with your insurance company that could save you money. You’ll find the best rates by comparing multiple auto insurance quotes before selecting a policy provider.

How Do I Get the Best Price on Auto Insurance?

There are a few ways to get the best prices on your auto insurance. You’ll want to compare the rates from multiple car insurance providers to make sure you find something that offers you the coverage you need at a price that is affordable to you. You may also want to bundle your home and auto insurance for cheaper rates.

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