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Save Money with Auto Insurance Quote Discounts

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Top 7 Auto Insurance Discounts You're Missing Out On

DISCOUNT INSURANCE FOR CARS - when best price equals best coverage.

Getting the best deal on your car insurance should not mean that you get an inferior product with inferior cover – getting the best deal should simply mean having dependable cover at the best possible price and at a cost that will not break your personal or family’s budget.  

There are lots of ways to qualify for auto insurance discount and if you shop around you will be surprised at how many discounted, affordable rates there are out there. What you need is the expertise of who will guarantee you the best car insurance discounts and benefits on the market.

The difference a discount makes

Unfortunately, we are all too aware of the rising cost of car insurance in today’s society. More claims and litigious legal cases have led to the rise of car insurance in every state in the country.

This has negative consequences for the individual driver and the increasing cost of car insurance. While it doesn’t look set to come down in the near future, the better  news is that there are many ways and options available to reduce your car insurance and to obtain auto insurance discounts that really will make a difference to your car insurance rate.

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How car insurance rates are calculated

When insurers calculate the cost of your car insurance, they take many factors into consideration:

  • Your driving profile– crucial information for the insurer is your age (under the age of 25 = more risk of accident); 
  • Your driving history– what your record is – previous claims for accidents;  
  • Your location– if you live in a highly populated area (statically proven to be more at risk for collisions, car vandalism or car theft) your rate will mirror this.
  • The type of car you drive will also be considered – some cars are statistically proven to be more accident prone, likely to be stolen and they even look at the cost of repair.  
  • Driving distances / time– your insurance rate will be assessed on the time you spend driving your car – again – based on statistics, if you spend more time in your car you are more likely to be involved in an accident.
  • The type of coverage you choose will influence your insurance rate, as will the deductible and who you choose as your provider – as prices vary from company to company.

Sounds complicated – and it is, if left to the inexperienced (all of us!) client. The answer is to seek advice and the key is to shop around – call in the experts,, and let them do the shopping around for you. It’s the only sure way of getting top value discount auto insurance.  

What types of discount car insurance are available?

There are many insurance discounts out there and many ways to reduce your monthly car insurance premium.  At we specialize in finding you the right policy and offers with the best discount auto insurance quotes on the market.   Some of the following tips will help you wade through the oft-confusing information that is out there:

Multi-policy discount (bundled insurance) – if you have more than one insurance policy with the same insurance provider you will be encouraged to stay and buy more policies by being offered discounts.  For example, having your home and car insurance with the same company. 

Tracking systems / Anti-theft– it is good advice for everyone to have an anti-theft and or tracking systems fitted onto their auto – but especially in more populated areas were insurance companies have the statistics to prove that your car is more at risk of theft because of location or make of car.  Having an anti-theft system will guarantee you full automobile insurance discounts. 

Safe driver discount– if you have proof of a clean, accident-free, driving history then you will be rewarded with auto discount insurance – your clean driving record, in the eyes of the insurance company, equals low risk.

Auto pay – pay up front– if you set up an automated payment from your checking and pay the total upfront you can sometimes negotiate a discount.

How to get your hands-on insurance discounts

There are many ways you can get the cheapest benefits  and discount insurance– you just need to know how to navigate the promotional overload that is out there.  Let us give you some tips to help:

  1. Shop around – like everything, prices vary from one company to another so you should not stop at the first quote you get.  It’s important that you are getting what you need with savings, which is why you need to place your trust in reputable companies only.  
  2. If you are in the process of changing car, either buying a new or used car, check out the insurance costs associated with the make and model you are thinking about buying.  You don’t want to buy a car, to later find out that you can’t afford to apply for the insurance you need. As mentioned before, car insurance rates are based on cost of repair, safety and risks of theft and vandalism.   
  3. Reducing the cover on an older vehicle can help your insurance savings premium.  Start by assessing the value of an older car and take into consideration if it is cost effective having collision or comprehensive cover. 
  4. Increasing your deductibles – this is the sum you pay, if you have a claim, before the insurance company starts paying.  If you ask for higher deductibles, the insurance company pays less, in the event of a claim, but it will definitely save you money on the cost of your insurance.  
  5. If you have a good credit record make sure your insurance company knows about it as this will also have a positive outcome on your premium.  
  6. Look for quotes from companies that give discounts to drivers who don’t use their vehicles very often – low mileage means lower risk so some insurance companies will be keen to offer discount auto insurance.    
  7. Go local – if you are going to buy auto insurance online in the hope of getting a cheap quote, you may be surprised to find that it pays to shop locally. Our services will put you in contact with agents who do business in your local community.  This way you are in touch with only reputable, reliable and recognized insurance companies. 

Don’t forget to ask about discounts and benefits – very often insurance companies advertise ways to help you save on your car insurance but you might not always hear about it – keep up to date and keep your information up to date so that any discount auto insurance does not escape you. 

And always ask – there might be a current auto discount on offer that you are not even aware of.

For the best advice,guidance, and security for all the discount auto insurance on offer call us or browse our very user-friendly website for information.’s trained staff are friendly and are experts in their field and will be delighted to find the best automobile insurance discounts.   Don’t be afraid to ask … and always check for benefits and discounts!

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