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Top 7 Auto Insurance Discounts You're Missing Out On

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Did you know that you might be overpaying for car insurance — in some cases by hundreds of dollars? You also may be entitled to multiple car insurance discounts, which can dramatically reduce your premium. For example, did you know you might be able to get a discount for driving a hybrid? Taking a defensive driving course? Or even being married? Here are the top 7 auto insurance discounts that you may be entitled to in the year 2019 and beyond. 

Top 7 auto insurance discounts

Here are the top 7 auto insurance discounts:

1. Maintaining a safe driving record

Your insurance company determines the risk that a customer will file a claim based on past driving record, age and history. If the risk is high, then you will pay a higher premium. If it is low, then you will pay less over the years. Your state’s department of motor vehicles maintains a full and detailed record of all car accidents, moving violations, vehicular criminal convictions and other relevant roadside report information.

If you change your policy or coverage, your insurer will review your driving record. Maintaining a clean driving record is an easy way to help you save money on your insurance. Find out which insurers offer a good-driver discount, before you get an auto insurance quote. Good student is one those discount insurance products for college students or teens.

2. Taking a defensive driving course

The last time you took a driver's education course, you were probably a student druver in high school preparing to get your first license. You don’t need to learn when to put on your turn signal, how to use your rear-view mirror and other driving basics, but you could improve your driving skills and lower your insurance premium with a defensive driving program.

Many of the nation’s leading auto insurance companies offer products and discounts, if you enroll in such an approved course. You can log in to many online, so be sure to map out the best strategy for you.

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3. Buying a safer car

What car you drive is almost as important as your driving record, when it comes to your auto insurance premiums. Insurers are able to determine what kind of claims you are likely to file in the future based on the vehicle you drive. That’s one of the reasons it’s more expensive to insure a sports car than a minivan.

Buying the right car may save you hundreds of dollars in insurance costs every year you own your car. You also may get a discount if your car has antilock brakes, antitheft devices, airbags, side airbags and  adevice for automatic seatbelts.

Having these devices may save you 10 percent or more on your premium. So, before you buy a new set of wheels, get an auto insurance quote. Also, it's a good time to think about roadside assistance coverage. Your auto policy can cover more than just liabilty and theft. So ask an agent before you make that first bill payment.

4. Driving fewer miles

If you drive fewer miles, it's a sign that you’re less likely to have an accident or damage property. And if you’re less likely to be involved in a crash, then you’re going to have a lower auto insurance rate. Many of the nation’s leading insurers offer good drivers low-mileage discounts, depending on the state where you live. If you’re looking to reduce your auto insurance premium, you may want to explore ways to reduce your mileage, such as exploring the benefits of taking public transportation, carpooling, riding a bike or walking.

5. Combining policies

If you have an auto insurance and a home or condo insurance policy, you may be able to save money if you buy the services through one insurance company. With a so-called multi-line policy, you consolidate your insurance polices with one insurer. Many insurers offer discounts to customers who have two or more insurance policies with them. Some offer savings as high as 40 percent for providing you with combined coverage. You also may get additional discounts for insuring your other vehicles, your boat, your RV, or your motorcycle with your primary or center insurer.

6. Renewing your policy

You may be able to qualify for a discount, if you stay with your auto insurance company for a certain period of time. Some insurers offer a discount for as much as 30 percent off your premium for renewing your policy with them. That's insurance car lovers can easily enjoy! Insurers want to keep and service your business. So, many will offer you a loyalty discount, if you have a policy with them for a year or more. They also can provide better than average discounts for long-term customers.

7. Getting married

As a married couple, you have the option to combine your insurance policies into one account and save money. Some insurance auto companies consider married couples a lower risk and may reduce your premiums or members rate. In addition, if you combine your auto policies or add auto coverage with the same company as your homeowners or renter’s policies, you may be eligible for additional volume or multi-line discounts. Ask about these savings, as well as umbrella or other personal policies when you get an auto insurance quote.

When you are ready to buy a new car policy, you can call agents in your local area who've spent their careers in the business, contact insurance companies directly or use to instantly get a competitive auto insurance quote from one of the nation’s leading insurance providers. Simply fill out a simple online form on to find the right insurance coverage at the best possible price. Take the time to protect you and your family today.

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