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Will a Traffic Ticket Increase My Car Insurance Rates?

We all know we should obey the traffic laws. Still, most of us have been guilty of, say, going over the speed limit when we’re in a rush, or making a U-turn where we’re not supposed to.

But when you break the rules of the road, a traffic ticket isn’t the only price you’ll pay. You’re also looking at an increase in your monthly auto insurance rates. Why? If you have tickets or a car accident on your record, you’re considered a high-risk driver (i.e. more likely to file an insurance claim). As a result, insurance companies will charge you higher car insurance rates. 

If you’re looking for low-cost auto insurance, there are some traffic laws you can’t afford to break. Keep reading as we cover everything you need to know about how traffic violations can affect your car insurance rates — and how you can save on your monthly premium.

What Drivers Need to Know About Traffic Violations

Traffic tickets aren’t the only penalty you’ll receive after committing a driving infraction. Most states have rules regarding how such violations affect your driver’s license status. If you accumulate too many points, it can cause your driver’s license to be suspended or revoked. And then there’s the penalties from your insurance company.

See, unlike the state, your auto insurance provider can’t revoke your license, but it can enforce its own penalties. Insurers assign points to their members to help determine the rates they assign to different drivers. The more serious your driving violation, the more points they give you—which results in a higher insurance premium each month. If you accumulate too many points, they may consider you a high-risk driver and not renew your policy in serious cases. 

The Impact of a Speeding Ticket on Your Insurance by State

Next time you’re tempted to break the speed limit, you might want to think about how much it will cost in the long run. Even after you’ve paid off a traffic ticket for speeding, it will continue to impact your insurance premium every month. Here’s how much you can expect your auto insurance rates by state to increase:  

  • Alabama– 17%
  • Alaska– 11.20%
  • Arkansas– 29.80%
  • Arizona– 25%
  • California– 42%
  • Colorado– 13%
  • Connecticut– 16%
  • Delaware– 15%
  • District of Columbia– 15%
  • Florida– 27%
  • Georgia– 21%
  • Hawaii- 20%
  • Idaho– 17%
  • Illinois– 25%
  • Indiana– 31%
  • Iowa– 14%
  • Kansas– 35%
  • Kentucky– 35%
  • Louisiana– 19%
  • Maine– 30%
  • Maryland– 16%
  • Massachusetts– 30%
  • Michigan– 53%
  • Minnesota– 20%
  • Mississippi– 15%
  • Missouri– 17%
  • Montana– 20%
  • Nebraska– 19%
  • Nevada– 20%
  • New Hampshire– 14%
  • New Jersey– 39%
  • New Mexico– 17%
  • New York– 27%
  • North Carolina– 15%
  • North Dakota– 18%
  • Ohio– 21%
  • Oklahoma– 18%
  • Oregon– 22%
  • Pennsylvania– 16%
  • Rhode Island– 26%
  • South Carolina– 19%
  • South Dakota– 19%
  • Tennessee– 21%
  • Texas– 9%
  • Utah– 17%
  • Vermont– 13%
  • Virginia– 21%
  • Washington– 21%
  • West Virginia– 17%
  • Wisconsin– 20%
  • Wyoming– 24%

How Long Does a Traffic Violation Stay on Your Record?

You may think that once you’ve paid off that annoying traffic ticket, you’re in the clear, but its impact can linger on your record for years. A single speeding ticket raises insurance rates at an average of 25%—and even more for more serious violations. To top it off, most insurance companies implement this percentage hike and keep it on your driving record for an average of three years!

So just how long can you expect this frustrating rate increase to last? It depends on several different factors, including:

How to Avoid Increased Auto Insurance Rates?

So what happens if you get a ticket for light speeding, or another relatively minor infraction? The good news is that there are some steps you can take to alleviate a spike in your rate—especially if it’s a one-time thing.

Want to Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates for Good?

One of the best ways to keep your rates down is to find an insurance policy that offers you low-cost coverage—and we’ve done all the searching for you. Thanks to our fast and affordable online insurance quotes, you can choose a plan that beats your previous rates—while still offering the same comprehensive coverage! Get yours today and enjoy the peace of mind that you’ll be protected—while also saving money every month. 

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