Rhode Island Auto Insurance Quotes

Rhode Island auto insurance Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the country, but the risk of an accident is no less. As a Rhode Island resident, you must carry liability insurance on vehicles you own. The minimum legal limits for coverage are:

  • $25,000 bodily injury for one person.
  • $50,000 bodily injury for two or more people.
  • $25,000 property damage.
  • Uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage.

You may choose a combined bodily injury and property damage policy of $75,000 instead of the separate limits. Your license may be suspended if you don't carry the minimum insurance.

The Insurance Division of the Department of Business Regulation, or DBR, approves insurance rates. The staff reviews rate information to ensure rates are fair and nondiscriminatory. To make sure insurance companies follow state laws and regulations in the treatment of customers, the department conducts periodic audits of the claims handling process.

Sample of Annual Rhode Island Auto Insurance Rates


Kingston was named in honor of King Charles II in 1826. The city is home to the University of Rhode Island. Kingston is in the south central part of Rhode Island.

State Highway 138 goes to Narrow River to the east and Richmond to the west. State Highway 108 goes to the John H. Chafee National Wildlife Refuge to the south. S Road goes to South Kingstown.

City Single Married
Low High Low High
Kingston $1,532.00 $2,703.00 $1,532.00 $2,923.00

Westerly Auto Insurance

Westerly is a town in the southwest corner of Rhode Island. Westerly was founded in 1669 and is a beachfront community. The Pawcatuck River flows on the western border of town and empties into Little Narragansett Bay. Westerly granite is quarried here and used in sculptures and government buildings throughout the region. During the summer months, the population of Westerly almost doubles.

Interstate 95 passes just north of town in Connecticut, traveling west to New London, Connecticut and northeast to Warwick. U.S. Highway 1 travels east to South Kingstown.

City Single Married
Low High Low High
Westerly $1,296.00 $2,403.00 $1,296.00 $2,893.00

Coventry Auto Insurance

Coventry is a town in central Rhode Island just west of Warwick. It is the second largest town in the state by area after South Kingston. Coventry was originally a part of Warwick, but in 1741 petitioned the General Assembly to create their own town. The Coventry Greenway is a pedestrian and bicycle pathway that connects Connecticut with Warwick for 15 miles along the East Coast Greenway.

Interstate 95 skirts the southeast section of town, heading north through Warwick and into Providence. I-95 heads south through the Big River Management Area into Connecticut.

City Single Married
Low High Low High
Coventry $1,748.00 $3,434.00 $1,748.00 $3,259.00

Charlestown Auto Insurance

Charlestown is a town in southern Rhode Island overlooking the Block Island Sound. The Ninigret National wildlife Refuge, Burlingame Management Area and State Park and the Indian Cedar Swamp Management Area are all within Charlestown's city limits. Charlestown is known for its many miles of sandy beaches. Charlestown plays host to an annual seafood festival every August.

U.S. Highway 1 travels through southern Charlestown to the west to Westerly and to the east to South Kingstown. Rhode Island Route 112 travels north to Richmond.

City Single Married
Low High Low High
Charlestown $1,532.00 $2,701.00 $1,532.00 $2,981.00

North Kingstown Auto Insurance

North Kingstown is in central Rhode Island along the Narragansett Bay. It is home to the Quonset Point Air National Guard Station and the High Banks Shellfish Management Area. The Quonset Point base lent its name to the Quonset Hut structures associated with the military. North Kingstown can trace its roots to 1673 when a trading post was established along two major Native American thoroughfares. In 1722, the town known as Kings Towne was split into North Kingstown and South Kingstown.

U.S. Highway 1 travels north through North Kingstown to Warwick and south to South Kingstown. Rhode Island Route 128 travels across the bay to Newport.

City Single Married
Low High Low High
North Kingstown $1,430.00 $3,097.00 $1,430.00 $2,979.00

North Scituate

North Scituate is a suburb of Providence. It's a village within the town of Scituate. North Scituate hosts the annual Scituate Art Festival every fall.

U.S. Highway 6 goes to Providence to the east and into Connecticut to the west. State Highway 116 goes south to Scituate. State Highway 116 goes north to Greenville.

City Single Married
Low High Low High
North Scituate $1,904.00 $3,272.00 $1,904.00 $3,192.00

West Greenwich Auto Insurance

West Greenwich is a town in central Rhode Island near the Big River Management Area and the Arcadia State Park. In 1741, Greenwich was split into East and West Greenwich. West Greenwich is one of the least densely populated communities in Rhode Island. West Greenwich is located in the Noose Neck Valley - named after a hunting technique used by the Native Americans to catch deer.

Interstate 95 travels through the Big River Management Area and into Warwick to the east, and southwest into Connecticut. Rhode Island Route 102 travels north from town toward Gloucester and southeast to North Kingstown.

City Single Married
Low High Low High
West Greenwich $1,748.00 $3,195.00 $1,748.00 $3,131.00

City Single Married
Low High Low High
Albion $1,842.00 $3,286.00 $1,842.00 $3,099.00
Ashaway $1,423.00 $2,636.00 $1,423.00 $2,958.00
Barrington $1,607.00 $3,208.00 $1,607.00 $3,125.00
Block Island $1,296.00 $2,413.00 $1,296.00 $3,028.00
Bradford $1,423.00 $2,701.00 $1,423.00 $2,958.00
Bristol $1,705.00 $2,923.00 $1,705.00 $3,099.00
Carolina $1,423.00 $2,701.00 $1,423.00 $3,055.00
Central Falls $2,404.00 $3,994.00 $2,404.00 $4,007.00
Charlestown $1,532.00 $2,701.00 $1,532.00 $2,981.00
Chepachet $1,768.00 $2,932.00 $1,768.00 $3,192.00
Clayville $1,904.00 $3,272.00 $1,904.00 $3,525.00
Coventry $1,748.00 $3,434.00 $1,748.00 $3,259.00
Cranston $2,314.00 $3,919.00 $2,314.00 $3,986.00
Cumberland $1,738.00 $2,949.00 $1,738.00 $3,361.00
East Greenwich $1,612.00 $3,182.00 $1,612.00 $3,625.00
East Providence $1,884.00 $3,865.00 $1,884.00 $3,612.00
Exeter $1,423.00 $3,080.00 $1,423.00 $3,162.00
Foster $1,904.00 $3,070.00 $1,904.00 $3,448.00
Glendale $1,588.00 $3,105.00 $1,588.00 $3,525.00
Greene $1,748.00 $3,434.00 $1,748.00 $3,131.00
Greenville $1,773.00 $3,465.00 $1,773.00 $3,226.00
Harrisville $1,588.00 $3,105.00 $1,588.00 $3,099.00
Hope $1,904.00 $3,272.00 $1,904.00 $3,986.00
Hope Valley $1,423.00 $2,636.00 $1,423.00 $2,958.00
Hopkinton $1,423.00 $2,636.00 $1,423.00 $2,958.00
Jamestown $1,215.00 $2,516.00 $1,215.00 $3,157.00
Johnston $2,314.00 $3,925.00 $2,089.00 $4,117.00
Kenyon $1,423.00 $2,795.00 $1,423.00 $3,055.00
Kingston $1,532.00 $2,703.00 $1,532.00 $2,923.00
Lincoln $1,842.00 $3,286.00 $1,842.00 $3,297.00
Little Compton $1,215.00 $2,485.00 $1,215.00 $3,117.00
Manville $1,588.00 $3,286.00 $1,588.00 $3,361.00
Mapleville $1,588.00 $3,105.00 $1,588.00 $3,149.00
Middletown $1,215.00 $2,424.00 $1,215.00 $2,797.00
Narragansett $1,532.00 $2,703.00 $1,532.00 $3,058.00
Newport $1,215.00 $2,503.00 $1,215.00 $2,749.00
North Kingstown $1,430.00 $3,097.00 $1,430.00 $2,979.00
North Providence $2,314.00 $4,322.00 $2,314.00 $4,231.00
North Scituate $1,904.00 $3,272.00 $1,904.00 $3,192.00
North Smithfield $1,588.00 $2,909.00 $1,588.00 $3,129.00
Oakland $1,588.00 $3,105.00 $1,588.00 $3,099.00
Pascoag $1,768.00 $3,105.00 $1,768.00 $3,099.00
Pawtucket $1,887.00 $4,624.00 $1,887.00 $4,018.00
Portsmouth $1,282.00 $2,523.00 $1,282.00 $3,043.00
Providence $1,652.00 $5,000.00 $1,652.00 $4,793.00
Prudence Island $1,215.00 $2,563.00 $1,215.00 $3,043.00
Riverside $1,884.00 $3,601.00 $1,884.00 $4,515.00
Rockville $1,423.00 $2,636.00 $1,423.00 $2,979.00
Rumford $2,369.00 $3,512.00 $2,022.00 $3,762.00
Saunderstown $1,532.00 $3,097.00 $1,532.00 $2,923.00
Shannock $1,423.00 $2,701.00 $1,423.00 $3,055.00
Slatersville $1,588.00 $2,909.00 $1,588.00 $3,361.00
Smithfield $1,773.00 $3,546.00 $1,773.00 $3,192.00
Tiverton $1,282.00 $2,875.00 $1,282.00 $2,920.00
Wakefield $1,532.00 $2,703.00 $1,532.00 $3,058.00
Warren $1,705.00 $3,058.00 $1,705.00 $3,609.00
Warwick $1,728.00 $3,451.00 $1,728.00 $3,524.00
West Greenwich $1,748.00 $3,195.00 $1,748.00 $3,131.00
West Kingston $1,532.00 $2,703.00 $1,532.00 $2,923.00
West Warwick $1,904.00 $3,316.00 $1,904.00 $3,580.00
Westerly $1,296.00 $2,403.00 $1,296.00 $2,893.00
Wood River Junction $1,423.00 $2,795.00 $1,423.00 $3,055.00
Woonsocket $1,706.00 $3,291.00 $1,706.00 $3,376.00
Wyoming $1,423.00 $2,795.00 $1,423.00 $2,958.00

Finding Auto Insurance Resources in Rhode Island 

The DBR's insurance division is a good place to start learning about and searching for auto insurance in Rhode Island. The consumer division has a guide with information about auto insurance. It also lists phone numbers to call if you're involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist, or if you need help getting insurance.

Getting Auto Insurance in Rhode Island

Shopping around is the best way to get a good policy at a good rate. The insurance division can provide assistance and unbiased information. It can also verify that you are dealing with an insurance company authorized to do business in the state.

Insurance companies compete for your business, so compare prices and coverage amounts for several companies, but don't shop just for price. Service is an important factor to consider.

Moving to Rhode Island: Important Information

If you're moving to Rhode Island, you have 30 days to get a new title and registration. If your car is newer than a 2001 model, the vehicle identification number (VIN) has to be checked by a local police department. You'll also need a title or a copy of the title for cars newer than 2001.

You also have 30 days to get a Rhode Island license. You'll need to fill out an application and bring your current license, proof of residency, Social Security card, and proper identification to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Understanding Driving Laws in Rhode Island

The Department of Motor Vehicles has information about Rhode Island driving laws. The driver's manual talks about some specific laws all drivers need to know.

  • All occupants of a car must wear seat belts. You face fines per occupant if you and your passengers aren't wearing seat belts. The state also enforces child restraint laws. Children 7 and younger who meet certain height and weight requirements must be in the back seat in a proper restraint system. Children over 7 must wear a seat belt.
  • It is illegal for minors to use a cellphone while driving, even with a hands-free device. The same is true for bus drivers.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol carries fines and penalties based on the level of alcohol in your system. You can have your license suspended and even serve jail time. The state also encourages motorists to report potentially impaired drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rhode Island Auto Insurance

1. What happens if you don't have auto insurance?

If you’re caught without the minimum required liability insurance, your license and registration are suspended. You may also be fined and have to pay fees to have them renewed.

2. What happens if you have an accident in Rhode Island?

Similar to any other state, if you're involved in an accident, stay at the scene of the accident until the police arrive. Your insurance company needs full details and reports to process your claim properly and assess fault.

3. Can you buy more than the required amount of insurance?

You can buy more liability insurance and other types of coverage. Your insurance company can tell you if you need other types of insurance coverage, or more coverage than is required by law based on your needs, lifestyle and driving habits.

How to Get Great Rates on Rhode Island Auto Insurance

Finding an auto insurance quote can seem overwhelming – but insuranceQuotes.com helps you find the best car insurance policy at the best price. Every year, we match 15 million consumers to the nation’s biggest auto insurance companies, including State Farm, Allstate and Liberty Mutual.

insuranceQuotes.com connects you with local and national insurance companies that give you free car insurance estimates by phone or email within minutes. By comparing multiple quotes, you can be sure that you’re getting the best price for car insurance.

insuranceQuotes.com Auto Rate Methodology

Rates are based on one vehicle and one driver who has state minimum coverage with $500 deductibles. The hypothetical driver is 35 years old, female or male, employed, a college graduate, and has good credit. She has no traffic violations, claims, or lapse in coverage. The vehicle is assumed to be a sedan that is garaged on premises, used primarily for commuting, and driven 16,000 miles per year. Rates include commonly available carrier discounts and are estimates and not guaranteed.

Average cost of car insurance by state

Find out how a county’s insurance rate stacks up against the state average, as well as how it fares against other counties in the state.

Use our interactive map to find out:

  • How your state compares to the national average
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