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insuranceQuotes knows your business is important to you in 2019 and beyond. It’s imperative to make sure your company has the right business insurance coverage. Whether you’re a small business owner, retail shop or a Fortune 500 company, you’ll want to make sure the service basics are covered and that your businesses have the right financial protection and policies:

  • General Liability – Protects your business from a variety of claims, including bodily injury and property damage
  • Commercial Auto Insurance – Protects vehicles used exclusively for business purposes for repair costs

As your business grows we can help you stay properly insured so that you and your workforce are covered. Those additional coverages in a business owner policy (BOP) may center on:

  • Property – Will protect business property and office equipment separate from your personal property
  • Business Income Interruption – Be paid in the event something disrupts your business and you report a loss
  • Professional Liability – Covers professionals in the event of giving damaging advice or counsel (also known as errors and omissions insurance)
  • Key Man Insurance - Purchased by your company to cover key employee(s) in the event they unexpectedly pass away. This policy will pay the life insurance to the company after a claim
  • E&O Insurance - Protects companies or individuals from claims made by their customer or customers of insufficent employee work or negligence.

We also can find specific insurance, small business insurance, for contractors who might not need a complete BOP. We can also review your current business owners policy or owners policy to help you learn if you have adequate coverage.

Let our expert business insurance agents review your needs today to make sure you select the right coverage for the best quote on insurance small or large!

We can also show online discounts and products that could lower your car insurance premiums. While searching for the lowest insurance industry rates, we can provide you great tips to get cheap car insurance. And who doesn't like to find ways to save without being subject to endless hassles?

Upon request, we also offer assistance with life insurance, workers comp insurance and fire insurance, just to name a few. Our people have made careers out of taking care of customers and providing them with a high level of care and security. 

Call us today or log in with questions to compare top insurance carriers and find agent help. You get to choose the insurer and the product from an umbrella of menu of options to start saving immediately.

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