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America Addicted: What are the most abused drugs in your state? (Infographic)

Addiction is costing America, big time - abuse of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs costs the U.S. over $600 billion every year in costs related to health care, lost productivity at work and crime. And addiction can be a crippling personal cost for those who suffer from it. The average cost for a residential alcohol or drug rehab stay can be between $20,000 and $32,000. 

Before the Affordable Care Act was implemented in 2014, addicts and their families often struggled to find the right treatment - or for their health insurance to cover the treatment's costs. However, thanks to Obamacare, addiction treatment is one of the 10 essential health benefits that is included in every health policy sold through the health insurance marketplace

Learn more about how Obamacare has changed the face of addiction treatment - as well as the most common drug addictions in your state.

Obamacare and addiction

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