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Obamacare Extension by State

Residents of 36 states will shop for health insurance through the federal marketplace, Those consumers will be able to get an extension to apply for health insurance after March 31, probably through mid-April, if they check a box on stating that they tried to apply by the deadline but experienced technical problems.

Some states that operate their own marketplaces have decided to offer extensions while others have not. Here’s the latest information on extensions for those 14 states (and Washington, D.C.):

State Marketplace Extension?

Covered California

Yes, only if you started the application by March 31. You get until April 15 to complete it. Save your application ID number to log back in and finish your application. For more information, go here.
Colorado Connect for Health Colorado Yes, only if you started the application by March 31. You can receive assistance to enroll after that date. 

Access Health CT

No. For more information, go here.
Hawaii Hawaii Health Connector Yes, if you fill out a form stating that you tried to apply by March 31 but experienced problems. 


Yes, if you start your application by midnight on by March 31. You get until April 15 to choose a plan. For more information, call Gwenda Bond, a Kynect spokesperson.
Maryland Maryland Health Connection  Yes, if you call a state hotline at (800) 396-1961 by March 31 to report that you had trouble completing your application. You can get assistance to complete your application after that date. For more information, go here.
Massachusetts Massachusetts Health Connector Yes, if you tried to sign up by March 31 but experienced technical problems. You can get until April 15 to complete your application. This applies only to consumers applying for unsubsidized coverage. For more information, go here.
Minnesota MNSure Yes, if you tried to enroll by the deadline but experienced problems, you will be allowed to complete your application. To qualify for an extension, you must submit a completed enrollment attempt form ( by 11:59 p.m. on March 31. For more information, go here.

Nevada Health Link

Yes, enrollment is extended through May 31 for consumers known to have been unable to enroll by the March 31 deadline due to technical problems. For more information, go here.
New York New York State of Health Yes, you will have until April 15 if you say you had problems, such as delays or technological issues, that prevented them from meeting the March 31 deadline. No proof is required. For more information, go here.

Oregon Health Care

Yes, until April 30 for everyone. For more information, go here.
Rhode Island HealthSource RI No. For more information, go here.

Vermont Health Connect

No. For more information, go here.

Washington Health Benefit Exchange

Depends. You must complete your entire application by March 31. However, officials will consider requests on a case-by-case basis from consumers who had trouble enrolling due to technical problems. Consumers may call (855)923-4633 or email to discuss their situation. For more information, go here.
Washington, D.C.

DC HealthLink

Yes, consumers who need telephone or in-person help to enroll, or consumers who started an online application but didn’t finish it, will have through April 15 to enroll. For more information, go here.

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