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Obamacare: Everything you need to know

ObamacareThe Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is going to permanently change the health insurance landscape. But many Americans are still confused by the law - a September 2013 USA Today / Pew Research survey found that over a third of Americans (36 percent) are unfamiliar with Obamacare, or don't know the law very well.

Here you will find a selection of our Obamacare stories that cover everything from what is a health insurance exchange, to how to apply for health insurance through Obamacare. And remember - if you have a burning questions that isn't answered here, you can explore our archive, or pose a question to our resident insurance expert, Laura Adams. 


What you need to know about Obamacare


The basics: 

What is health care reform? 

How to apply for Obamacare: A step by step guide

5 key changes to Obamacare in 2015


Obamacare health insurance exchangesThe exchanges:

What is a health insurance exchange? 

Who can shop the exchanges?

What are the four Obamacare health insurance plans?


Obamacare and your finances:

Can Obamacare save you money on health care?

Will Obamacare save you money on preventive care?

Will my health care costs go up under Obamacare?

How much is my Obamacare penalty? 


How Obamacare will affect you:

How will Obamacare affect part-time workers?

How Obamacare helps children and young adults

Obamacare and Medicaid: What will change?

I missed the Obamacare deadline - what can I do?

Tools and calculators:

Calculate your Obamacare subsidy for 2015

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