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Arizona Home Insurance Quotes

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As a homeowner in Arizona, you need the best possible home insurance to protect your property and possessions. If you are looking to renew or buy a new policy, the coverage you choose needs to be enough to cover the value of your home should a total loss occur. The State of Arizona does not require home insurance, but it’s a good idea to have a policy to keep your home and finances safe.

Comparing Arizona Home Insurance Rates

Home insurance rates in Arizona vary depending on the type of home, the value of the home, and where the home is located. Arizona has a varied terrain, from mountains to desert, and your home may have different types of natural threats that you need to insure against.

If you are shopping around for an insurance policy, make sure you receive more than one quote. This allows you to compare the premiums and helps you decide which policy offers the best coverage for your home.

Wildfires and Monsoons in Arizona

In Arizona, wildfires and monsoons are a common event. Both of these weather-related events may threaten your home.

Your home insurance policy covers you against fire damage. However, if a monsoon floods your home, your policy does not cover this. You will need separate flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program.

There are some things you can do to protect your home from wildfires and monsoon damage, including the following.

1. Remove all debris in your yard that may catch fire or block drainage. High wind can also turn yard debris into projectiles.

2. Have your gutters cleaned on a yearly basis. Backed up water from gutters can seep into attics and crawl spaces, which is an area beneath your floorboards.

3. If a wildfire approaches, turn on your sprinklers to wet your property. You can also water down your roof.

4. Ask your city or town to clean out storm drains in your neighborhood.

If your home is immediately threatened by a wildfire or flooding, one of the best things you can do is evacuate. Make sure to take important possessions and a copy of your home insurance policy with you.

Another thing you should have is a home inventory. A home inventory is a list that is either handwritten or typed on the computer that lists everything of value in your home. The list should contain the name of the item, the serial number if there is one, approximate value, and a copy of the original receipt from when the item was purchased. You can also take photos of each item.

Frequently Asked Questions About Arizona Home Insurance

If you have a home insurance policy or are looking to purchase one, you may have questions about coverages. Here are some frequently asked questions most policyholders have:

1. How much of a deductible should one choose?

The amount of your deductible depends on what you can comfortably afford in the event of a claim. If you are in a low risk area, a higher deductible may make the most sense, as the odds of a claim are low.

2. Are additional living expenses covered in a policy?

Most policies do provide an additional living expense clause. This can help you if you are displaced from your home due to damage.

3. Why is medical insurance payments part of a homeowner policy?

Medical insurance payments are a part of many policies to help pay for others who get hurt on your property. Without this, the injured party would have no recourse but to sue you.

4. What affects the cost of home insurance?

Many things affect the cost of your home insurance. These include if you are near fire protection, the age of your home, and the type of construction of your home (wood, brick, etc.).

How to Get Great Rates on Arizona Home Insurance

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