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Residents call Kentucky the Bluegrass State because of the bluegrass that grows there along with the rich, fertile soil where farmers can grow some of the state’s important crops, like corn. What you may not think of though is the weather that keeps the state’s grass and soil so fertile.

The state has a humid subtropical climate, which means it gets lots of rain, and sometimes severe weather, which is why having home insurance is such a good idea. To start comparing home insurance rates, you should start with a good estimate of the value of your home and your personal property. This makes it easier for you to compare insurance rates among many companies as you can use the same estimated values.

The cost of homeowners insurance in Kentucky varies depending on if you live in a flood-prone area or an area where there have been numerous claims. In addition, because the state does receive a lot of rain, and has occasional flooding, you may want to look into home insurance that covers flooding, which is available through the government. You can find information about flood insurance at FloodSmart.

If you are looking for home insurance rates, consider the discounts that you might be eligible for as well. Many insurance companies offer discounts for combining home and auto insurance together. Sometimes companies also give discounts for people who have a security system installed.

Your Kentucky Homeowner’s Insurance

The Kentucky Department of Insurance regulates insurance in the commonwealth, including licensing agents and educating consumers on how to make good choices when buying insurance.

Kentucky is actually prone to earthquakes, so the Department of Insurance recommends that residents consider adding earthquake insurance. Earthquake insurance covers any repairs that your home might need due to earthquake damage. It might even cover extra costs to stabilize the land under your home if it shifts during an earthquake.

When it’s time to look for home insurance, be sure to have an idea of what your insurance score is because it affects your rate. Your personal insurance score is a number that ranks you with your insurance company based on your credit and claims history. If you have few claims and good credit history, your insurance score will be better, which can mean better rates.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kentucky Home Insurance

1. What are some things you can do to keep home insurance costs down?

There are several things you can do to keep your home insurance costs down. The first thing to do is take a close look at your current policy and see if it provides the right amount of coverage for your home. It’s not unusual for homeowners to have too much or too little insurance. The other thing to do is shop around for insurance and look for discounts.

2. What does a home insurance policy cover?

Usually, a Kentucky home insurance policy has two parts. The first part usually covers your home if something happens to it. The second part is typically personal liability insurance. This insures you in case you are sued if someone is injured while on your property.

3. What are the policy limits on a standard home insurance policy?

You set the policy limit for the home when you buy insurance. This is why it is important to shop for a policy and coverage carefully as you want to have enough insurance to cover the cost to rebuild or repair your home in case something happens.

How to Get Great Rates on Kentucky Home Insurance

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Kentucky Home Insurance Resources

If you want to know more about Kentucky insurance, here are some resources that may be helpful.

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Governing insurance laws and regulations for the state of Kentucky

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