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Michigan Homeowners Insurance Quotes

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As a state that experiences all four seasons, Michigan experiences a range of weather events – from blizzards to flooding to tornadoes – that can cause extreme damage to property and life. Ensuring you have proper homeowners insurance is key to preparing for the unexpected.

Comparing Michigan Homeowners Insurance Rates

Shopping for the best policy is worthwhile. Since insurance companies compete for your business, you’ll find that rates and types of coverage will vary greatly in Michigan. “Your Guide to Homeowners Insurance for Michigan Consumers” can help familiarize you with special terms and things you should know when looking for the best homeowners insurance Michigan has to offer.

There are several types of coverage to consider in a homeowners policy, including:

  • Dwelling – The actual structure
  • Appurtenant structures – Other structures on the property, like detached garages
  • Personal property/contents – Personal property such as clothing and furniture inside the home
  • Additional living expenses – The cost of living somewhere else while the home is being repaired
  • Liability – Covers bodily injury or property damage to someone else while on your property
  • Medical payments – Medical care for someone hurt on your property
  • Extra coverage options – Other things, like debris removal and tree and shrub replacement

Knowing the coverage you need helps to determine the best overall policy. Keep in mind that you may need special coverages. Michigan has a dangerous dog law and dog bite statutes. This is important to know when shopping for a home insurance policy.

Tornadoes and Derechos

Tornadoes sometimes pass through Michigan. There is also the possibility of a derecho, which is a line of severe storms that move eastward quickly. A derecho leaves a straight line of wind damage in its wake. Severe thunderstorms cause damage to homes as well. Protect yourself from these weather conditions with a home insurance policy and be prepared in case of emergencies. Keep an emergency kit handy stocked with supplies like flashlights, blankets, and canned food. Also, keep important papers in a safe place where you can easily access them if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Michigan Homeowners Insurance

1. What determines insurance rates?

Michigan state law regulates home insurance companies, and sets forth factors used by those companies in determining rates. Factors such as the age of the home, its construction materials, and the distance to a fire hydrant are all important.

2. Does it really matter if you shop around?

Shopping around can make a large difference in the cost of your policy as insurance companies are competing for your business. You may get the best policy at the best rate with a company you’ve never heard of before.

3. What are good questions to ask an agent?

The most important things to inquire about relate to which items the insurer will cover. You can also ask if additional coverage is available and recommended based on your personal belongings. Always ask about available discounts as well.

How to Get Great Rates on Michigan Homeowners Insurance

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