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Review Your Insurance Needs When You Divorce

Chances are, if you’re married, you will have to deal with either getting a separation or going through a divorce at some point. In the U.S., almost half of all marriages end in divorce, according to the latest government figures. If you get a divorce, not only will you have to divide up your financial assets, but also review your insurance policies to make sure you have the appropriate coverage. If you need to buy other policies, make sure you apply for insurance quotes to get the best rates.

Life insurance

Married couples buy life insurance to protect their spouses, their children and, in some cases, their elderly parents. Life insurance helps replace lost income and other contributions of the deceased spouse, so the family can continue to live in a comparable lifestyle. Most spouses name the other spouse as the primary beneficiary. Before you change your life insurance policy, consider what type of protection your family needs. You may want to keep your spouse as your primary beneficiary, if he will have the responsibility to raise your children upon your death. If you want insurance to help provide for your children until they are either adults or college graduates, you may want to consider buying term life insurance, if you haven’t already done so. If you need to buy a new policy, obtain life insurance quotes.

Home insurance

When you buy a homeowners policy, you’re insuring the structure of your home and your personal belongings in your home. If you decide to stay in your house, you will need to make sure the policy is under your name. If you’re moving out, make sure you buy either homeowners or renters insurance for your new place. Even if you stay in your home, review your policy to make sure have enough coverage. Many homeowners are surprised to learn they are under insured. Make sure you have enough insurance to rebuild your home. You also want to update the inventory of your possessions. You may not need as much coverage, if your spouse’s possessions were more expensive to insure. Make sure you ask for enough protection, when you apply for home insurance quotes.

Auto insurance

When you divorce, you and your spouse will have to decide who gets which car, so you can update your auto insurance policies. You don’t want your former spouse on your policy, if you are no longer married. If he is in an accident and is sued, you could be held liable. When you change ownership of a car, update your insurance policy. If you have a new address, make sure you notify your state’s department of motor vehicles. Unfortunately, you may lose your multiple-vehicle discount for insuring more than one vehicle with your insurer. If you buy a new car, make sure you shop around for auto insurance quotes to get the best rate.

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