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Ohio Auto Insurance Quotes

ohio auto insurance quotes

If you drive a car, you have a responsibility to get insurance. Nearly everyone needs a car; if this is true for you, then make sure you get the right amount of insurance. Ohio’s state guidelines require you to have a certain amount of insurance or proof of financial responsibility. Your car and plates may be impounded and you may lose the ability to renew your license if found driving without insurance.

When looking for auto insurance, learn as much as you can to find the best coverage for your car. When you buy auto insurance in Ohio, you can purchase more than the minimum, which helps cover your assets in the event of a lawsuit.

Finding Auto Insurance Resources in Ohio

There are many ways you can find out more about auto insurance in Ohio. Many local insurance companies can provide facts and details about getting auto insurance in the state. You can also look at the Ohio Department of Auto Drivers website to find information about laws and licensed agents in Ohio.

What is the average cost for auto insurance coverage in Ohio?

The average cost of full coverage car insurance in Ohio can range from $824 to $1,089 a year depending on your location and a few other factors such as your driving history and other demographics. Your auto insurance premiums are affected by things beyond what state you live in. If you wanted minimum auto coverage in Ohio you could expect to pay around $600 per year. It’s best to compare multiple quotes to get the best price for your individual auto coverage needs.

What is the minimum auto insurance coverage needed in Ohio?

The minimum requirement for auto insurance in Ohio is to have bodily injury liability coverage. Your insurance provider within your region will be able to help guide you through the most cost effective way to legally operate your registered vehicle in Ohio.

Ohio Auto Insurance Tips for Car Owners

You can’t drive in Ohio without the minimum coverage level. Driving without it can be dangerous and illegal. To drive in Ohio, you will need bodily injury liability coverage, property damage liability coverage and a motor vehicle liability insurance policy.

According to Ohio driving laws, if you forgo traditional insurance then you need proof of financial responsibility, or FR. A proof of FR states you’re responsible for any bodily injury or death in an accident. You can be liable for a minimum of:

  • $12,500 for one person.
  • $25,000 for two people.
  • $7,500 to cover damage to property.

In December 2013, the limits rise to $25,000 for property damage and $25,000 per injured person. However, under the new limits, your liability will max out at $50,000 for all people involved in the accident.

If other people regularly drive your car, such as your wife, husband, partner or child, you should also have them on your insurance policy. As long as they’re on your policy, the coverage extends to them.

Moving to Ohio: Important Information

When moving to Ohio from another state, you have to apply for an Ohio driver’s license and a new registration for your car if you’re bringing it from out of state. In addition, you should also update your insurance as soon as possible.

Some national companies can do this, as they have a license for different states, but you should also take this time to shop around and find better rates from local companies. Contact your old insurance company to cancel your old policy and switch over to the new policy.

You should also take the time to learn about Ohio’s car insurance laws to figure out the differences and ensure you have the necessary coverage when you move.

Understanding Driving Laws in Ohio

While most traffic laws aren’t that much different state to state, there are a few things about driving in Ohio you should know. The government recently put a statewide ban on texting while driving. In addition, drivers younger than 18 can’t talk on cellphones and can only use hands-free navigation devices while operating a car.

Drunken driving is dangerous and against the law anywhere in the U.S. Ohio’s blood alcohol limits for drivers is 0.08 percent for adults 21 and older and 0.02 percent for those 20 and younger.

To learn more about driving laws in Ohio, visit the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles site, or pick up a copy of the state’s driving law book from your local BMV.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ohio Auto Insurance

Buying insurance can be intimidating, but it’s not that difficult if you know what questions to ask. Before you make any decision, check out some frequently asked questions about auto insurance in Ohio.

1. What is “no-fault” insurance?

Ohio is one of the few states that allow “no-fault insurance.” When you opt for this coverage, your insurance company will pay you money for any damage, even if the accident was your fault.

2. How much coverage do you need?

While you must follow Ohio’s laws when it comes to minimum requirements, you should look at choosing more insurance depending on your situation. Your insurance should cover your assets if someone decides to sue you. If you’re hurt, then you may not be able to work, so you should think about how insurance can help you.

3. Do you need insurance on a leased car?

Yes, the bank or car leasing company will require you to purchase insurance for any leased vehicle. You might be required to purchase “gap” insurance as well. In case you crash and wreck the car, gap insurance covers the value of the car. Of course, this is included in lease payments and considers depreciation.

How to Get Great Rates on Ohio Auto Insurance

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Ohio Auto Insurance Resources

We don’t just offer awesome OH auto insurance quotes, we also believe in educating consumers. Here are some resources for more information on Ohio auto insurance and driving laws:

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Information on licensing, titles and registration for Ohio drivers and vehicle owners Auto Rate Methodology

Rates are based on one vehicle and one driver who has state minimum coverage with $500 deductibles. The hypothetical driver is 35 years old, female or male, employed, a college graduate, and has good credit. She has no traffic violations, claims, or lapse in coverage. The vehicle is assumed to be a sedan that is garaged on premises, used primarily for commuting, and driven 16,000 miles per year. Rates include commonly available carrier discounts and are estimates and not guaranteed.

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