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Are you, as a renter, under the illusion that your landlord’s insurance plan will also cover you and your belongings too?   We hate to break it to you, but ,that is unfortunately just not the case. Any policy that your landlord has will cover the protection of the building, his property, but will not include his tenant’s personal belongings and may not even cover injuries or accidents sustained on the premises. 

For this reason, you will need your own renters insurance. Rental insurance is a policy that protects your personal belongings and property within a rented apartment.  

What Is Renter's Insurance

Even though your landlord has his own insurance policy you will need a specific renter insurance that will protects against fire, theft, water damage and lost or damaged belongings including electronics, furniture, clothes, etc. It works in the same way as homeowners insurance in that it can also have protection against liability – if someone gets injured on your rented property your renters insurance will answer to that. It also covers against the following:

  •     Fire
  •     Theft / break in
  •     Weather conditions like windstorm, hail, lightning, (not however flood water, earthquakes).
  •     Frozen or damaged water system
  •     Vandalism

Personal property will be covered by most general standard renter’s insurance plans, but you should be aware that some types of property will have a maximum payout in case of loss or damage, such goods as jewelry and furs and some electronics.   For expensive personal belongings you should start to consider consider taking out an extra policy. 

If a person, who is on your property, sustains an injury and needs medical assistance, your rental insurance may also cover the costs of medical fees and legal fees in the case of being sued.  Liability coverage will also cover any accidents or mishaps that you may inadvertently cause – if you absentmindedly leave the bath running and the water flows down into your neighbor’s house you might be liable for the damage…not a nice scenario if you have to fork out money for damage and maybe legal fees to boot!

Some renters insurance will also have the options to cover temporary accommodation – if for any reason you cannot live in your house, due to damage caused by fire, or faulty plumbing – your policy might cover the cost of temporary accommodation.

In some cases, rental insurance will cover damages for lost items from your car.

How can I get a renter's insurance quote?

At we specialize in online insurance quotes and personal one-to-one calls for advice and guidance in choosing the best insurance plan for you.  Together, with information you provide, we are able to put together the pieces of what you need and come up with the cheapest renters insurance that we can get for you – without, of course, scrimping on cover.  

Our user-friendly website will take you through the simple steps to get renter’s insurance online quotes with ease and speed – you will have the quote in your hand in no time.  Let us take you through the simple procedure of getting your renter'srenters insurance quote through

Step 1:  Start from From the dropdown menu select “home” and enter put in your ZIP code and hit “Request Quotes”

Step 2:  The next page is looking for information on the type of property you have:

Property type – Single family home/townhome/condo etc.

Occupancy – Here you should select “Rental Property” from the dropdown menu.

Address of property and year of construction (even an estimate) will be required.  

Further information required:

  • If you need flood insurance
  • If the property is a new purchase
  • how you rate your credit history
  • any recent home insurance claims

Other information to help us get you the best discounts possible is needed – includes:

  • If you would be interested in bundling a home security quote
  • If you would be interested in bundling an auto quote
  • If you would be interested in saving with a home mortgage or refinance quote 

Finally, your name address and contact details are required. 

Step 3: By hitting the “Get my Quotes” button your information will be sent and within a very short period of time you will hear back from us with our online renters insurance best offers. 

What factors affect the cost of my rental insurance?

Everyone has a budget and personal financial situation. As consumers, we are always on the lookout for the best option with the least amount of limits that won’t break the bank.  With rental insurance, you want cheap renters insurance but at the same time you want those special belongings to be fully protected and you want to have proper cover for liability and damage. 

What will influence the premium that I have to pay? There are many factors that determine the cost of your renter’s insurance – including:

  • The amount of coverage you need/want will obviously influence the cost.  Most advisors will lean towards what is known as a fixed replacement cost – this total will be the amount need to cover everything in the event of serious damage like a fire. 
  • Replacement cost. If this cover is chosen and added to your policy then your premium will be higher – but the advantage is that in the case of a total loss you will be completely reserved covered for the specified amount.
  • The deductible is the amount of money you have to personally pay in the case of a claim, before the insurance company starts to pay out. It will influence the cost of the policy a lot. The lower your deductible the more your premium will be.
  • Insurance services companies weigh up all the risks involved with  insuring you or your property. Things like location, age of the building or security devices installed will increase or decrease your policy.

One thing is for sure that you should shop around before signing a policy – prices vary and offers to vary.  Be careful about trying to save money by undervaluing your belongings – in the event of a claim you would be short – or overestimating the value as this will increase your premium.

The best advice for affordable renters insurance is to put your trust in a reputable company and get advice on what policy best suits your needs. At we have a large team of highly qualified experts who know every nuance of every insurance policy in the land. 

Don’t take risks when it comes to protecting yourself, your rights, your home, and your belongings. Call us now for information on how we can help you or go online to request cheap rental insurance today!

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