Top 5 Most Expensive States to Make a Car Insurance Claim

The average yearly insurance premium rose again to 2.1% to $815. With premiums rising every year it is important to know just how much making a claim can affect your monthly premium. According to our 2nd annual study your auto insurance rate can jump up as much as 41% after making just one claim in some states. If you dare to make a second claim your insurance premium could even double!

The Top 5 States you don’t want to make a auto insurance claim in are:

Number 5 – The Land of 10,000 Lakes, Minnesota; with a 48% premium increase
Number 4 – The Tar Heel State, North Carolina; with a 52% premium increase
Number 3 – The Garden State, New Jersey; with a 62% premium increase
Number 2 - The Golden State, California, with a 75% premium increase
Number 1 –The Bay State Massachusetts, with a 76% premium increase (up from 67% in 2014)

Is location the primary reason for insurance going up after making a claim?

Location can affect how your premium will increase, but what type of auto claim you submit is important.. If there is a bodily injury or property damage (including collision) which are the most expensive claims to cover rates can go up as much as 45 to 41% Comprehensive claims such as theft or any other non-collision events at the end of the day don’t effect rates as much only 2%.
If you are still debating whether or not to make a claim, check out our “should I make a claim” calculator on website, which further helps you decide whether making an auto claim is the right decision for you.

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