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Fight speeding tickets to lower your insurance

Getting slapped with a speeding ticket may not only cost you a hefty fine and several points on your driving record, but it may also mean you will pay higher auto insurance premiums. Insurers consider drivers who speed a higher risk. Speeding increases the possibility of injury, property damage or even death. If you get a speeding ticket, don’t automatically plead guilty and pay the fine. Beating a ticket, may save you a lot of money on your insurance. However, if you are convicted of a traffic violation, make sure you shop around for auto insurance quotes to get the best rates.

If you do get pulled over for speeding, be polite to the officer. He may let you go with a warning. However, if he does give you a speeding citation, here are a few steps you can take to avoid a conviction, so you will be able to obtain lower auto insurance quotes.

fight speeding tickets to lower your insurance How to fight a speeding ticket

Don’t admit guilt

Paying a traffic fine is an admission of guilt. Most drivers pay their fines without making the effort to challenge their tickets in traffic court. However, if you take the time to beat your ticket, you may have the charges against you dismissed. Ask to see the officer’s records of your traffic violation. You may find out that his paperwork isn’t accurate, which will help your case in traffic court. Even before your court date, you may have to opportunity to send a letter to the prosecutor contesting the charges against you and presenting a well-reasoned argument for why she should consider dismissing them.

Ask for delays

In most cases, your court date will be scheduled months after you received your ticket. But once you have a court date, ask for a postponement. Pushing the hearing date off to another time in the future increases the chances that the officer will not be able to attend. If the officer is not able to testify at your hearing, most judges will decide to dismiss the charges against you. Remember having a clean driving record means you are eligible for a safe-driver discount when you apply for auto insurance quotes.

Enroll in driving school

In some states, you can ask the department of motor vehicles or the traffic court to erase the ticket from your driving record, if you haven’t had any recent citations and if the violation was minor. You also may be able to enroll in a safety course to remove the violation from your record. Check with your state’s department of motor vehicles to see what options are available. Approved defensive driving courses may help you reduce points on your driving record.

Once you have done your research, you are ready to shop around for lower auto insurance rates. You can call agents in your local area, contact insurance companies directly or use to instantly get competitive auto insurance quotes from the nation’s leading insurance providers. Simply fill out an online form on to find the right insurance coverage at the best possible price. Take the time to protect you and your family today.

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